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VS PartyLit Wireless Headphone
VS PartyLit Wireless Headphone
VS PartyLit Wireless Headphone
VS PartyLit Wireless Headphone
VS PartyLit Wireless Headphone

VS PartyLit Wireless Headphone



✔ Listen in style with multicolour LED lights that flash to the beat
✔ 3 Channels for 3 DJ's
✔ Lightweight and comfortable
✔ Party up to 8 hours without recharging
✔ 3-hour charge time
✔ Volume control
✔ USB charging cable included

- Powered by rechargeable batteries. With only a 3-hour charge time, the headphones will last for 8 hours of a party without recharging. The headphones also come with the USB charging cable.

- Adjustable headband and soft cushions provide maximum comfort for any Silent DJ Headphones wearer.

- High-quality sound with dynamic dual speakers. The quality of the sound is excellent, crisp, and clear anywhere in the venue. Whether they’re standing right in front of DJ mixers, or even far back near the restroom, there’s no difference in the audio quality.

- Volume control that allows the audience to control the musical performance sound. Whenever they feel it’s too loud, they just need to turn down the audio volume from the headphones.

- Three channels for three DJs who are spinning at the same time, in the same venue. The audience is free to choose which channel they want to listen to. The light on the headset up Red, Green, or Blue depending on which DJ the headset wearer currently rocking out to.

- The long-range signal that supports a party in the big area. The audio signal’s maximum range is up to 1,500 feet. Meaning, you can throw up an event in the football stadium without worries about the audio signal range. The person wearing the headphones who stays two or three blocks from the stadium could still hear the music in the same quality as people who stand right in front of the DJ.

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