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T20R LED Photo Booth
T20R LED Photo Booth
T20R LED Photo Booth

T20R LED Photo Booth

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Searching for something unique? Bigger screen for your guest? Give your photo booth set up a sleek modern look with the T20R LED photo booth shell. The T20R LED photo booth shell is unique in every way, and portable enough to fit in small Sedan. With added LED remote control features that surround the entire front and back head unit, you are certain to turn heads at your party. Booking on Photo Booth Events just got a lot easier with the T20R LED photo booth shell. The lightweight aluminum shell is convenient for anyone who ideally wants to instantly transport their sophisticated equipment on the go for work or play. The sleek and slim design allows for uncomplicated storage, while interlocking pieces will enable you to fit the equipment into your vehicle for transporting. With a modest setup, you’ll make the most of your time while impressing guests. Pair the T20R LED photo booth shell with a (Nikon or Canon) DSLR camera to capture memory-making moments at parties, weddings, and events. Add a strobe flash and umbrella to establish perfectly lit photos every time. The rear-facing display establishes things even more fun for party guests. Set up a slideshow and showcase your photo booth snaps all night! Be sure to secure your equipment on social events, with T20R travel cases.


  • Actual Dimension: 68″ tall x 23″ wide x 6 1/2″ depth.
  • Screen cutout: 19″ X 10 7/8″ X 1″ depth.
  • To fit 22" Touchscreen monitor
  • Base Plate Dimensions: 28 inches x 20 inches x .25 inches
  • Top head Dimensions: 23″ X 28″ tall and 6 1/2″ depth.
  • The depth is alterable depending on how long the screws are on the back.
  • The standard camera hole diameter is 3″ with a top acrylic light diffuser that measures 19″ X 6″.
  • Locking Design to tilt & capture every level of height
  • From the ground up to the center of the camera, the T20R 2.0 measures 57″ tall but will additionally allow you to tilt the head to adjust for the kids or taller adults.
  • Total Weight: 49lbs
  • Head is outlined with LED Strips with shifting color effects via remote control.
  • Back monitor to fit for AOC 16″ Monitor


  • 180W Strobe Flash
  • Beauty Dish Umbrella
  • Hot Shoe
  • EOS Rebel T6 Camera
  • Camera A/C Adapter
  • Power Strip
  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p Tiny i5 2.9GHz 8GB 240GB Windows 10 Pro (renewed)
  • 22" Touch Screen Monitor
  • Darkroom 3 Photo Booth Software
  • 4-Port 2.0 USB Hub
  • USB Extension
  • DNP RX1HS Printer
  • Media Kit (1400 prints)


  • Matching Printer Shelf
  • DNP RX1 Aluminum Cover
  • T20R 2.0 Photo Booth Shell Travel Case
  • DNP RX1HS Soft Bag Travel Case
  • Studio Backdrop kit

How to Assemble the T20R Photo Booth

How To Put Your T20R LED Photobooth Inside Your Travel Cases

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