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Ultralight Headband Omnidirectional Microphone (MR3-HB)

Ultralight Headband Omnidirectional Microphone (MR3-HB)

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Ultralight headband microphones, black version.

Appropriate for the reproduction of vocals & speech for any kind of audio transmission. Never have to worry about losing the sense of sound when your head is turned away. A high-quality back omnidirectional characteristic provides a good sound of high quality though if the mic is not perfectly aligned. The user-friendly design is the reason for both an unobtrusive & secure fit even during utmost head movements.


✔ Wide transmission range
✔ Very comfortable to wear
✔ Stable positioning
✔ Flexible arm of adjustable length
✔ Drip ring (protects the cartridge against moisture)?
✔ Compatible with the MR3 Transmitter

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