The MCU’s Thanos replacement is coming, so forget Kang

Unexpectedly, Kang is not the new antagonist Thanos’ replacement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kingpin may appear to be simply another New York City crime boss, but there are actually many similarities between him and the Mad Titan. Although the Kingpin made his official MCU debut in Hawkeye, the character was initially introduced in Daredevil. Hawkeye demonstrated how individuals like Clint Barton and Maya Lopez were impacted by the influence of powerful businessman and crime boss Wilson Fisk in New York City.

Kingpin feels more like a Thanos replacement even if Kang is the clear antagonist in the Multiverse Saga’s climactic showdown. The two characters already share a lot of similarities in terms of influence and personality. It’s safe to assume that Kingpin will be around for a while and that he will have plenty of time to establish his rule, especially since he has been confirmed to appear in upcoming MCU projects.

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