The Most Powerful Jedi in Star Wars 2023

Numerous force-sensitive people live in the Star Wars world, and whether they follow the path of the Jedi, the Sith, or neither, they all have the ability to wield enormous power. The Sith are widely believed to be much more powerful than the Jedi. The Jedi, however, will always be more potent because their ties to the light side of the force are more pure, allowing them to shine through the dark, regardless of how much rage, hatred, and pure evil many Sith Lords harbor.

Although Knights have a lot of influence, Jedi Masters are the most powerful. Here are the most potent Jedi Masters in the Star Wars universe, regardless of whether they have tremendous Force powers, are expert lightsaber duelists, or can project themselves as Force ghosts after passing away.

Prior to turning to the evil side, Count Dooku was a revered and formidable Jedi Master. Dooku learned everything he currently understands about the force—as well as his remarkable proficiency with a lightsaber—from the great Master Yoda. After Dooku attained the rank of Jedi Master, he took on Qui-Gon Jinn as a pupil and taught him all he knew about the force.

The animated Disney+ series Tales of the Jedi showed that Dooku wasn’t totally corrupted by Darth Sidious, contrary to what we had previously assumed. The loss of his beloved Padawan finally drove Count Dooku over the edge and caused him to abandon the Jedi Order in favor of becoming an equally potent Sith Lord. Dooku had gradually lost trust in the Jedi Order over the years.

Tera Sinube was an experienced Jedi by the time of The Clone Wars and had a lot of knowledge to impart. He imparts his wisdom to Ahsoka in a Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode as they cooperate to track down her missing lightsaber. A patient Jedi is best exemplified by Sinube. Young Ahsoka was impatient and assumed he was simply too old to keep up with the thieves, but he showed her that his thorough understanding of Coruscant’s criminal underground allowed him to move ahead of the thieves rather than chasing after them.

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