Dogs are incredible companions, providing us with unconditional love and loyalty. But there are some things we do that our furry friends secretly can’t stand. In this article, we’ll explore the top seven things that people often do, unaware of how it affects their four-legged buddies. Let’s dive into understanding our dogs better and improving our relationship with them.

Ignoring Them

Dogs thrive on attention and affection. One thing they absolutely hate is being ignored. When you’re busy with work or your smartphone and not giving them any love, it can make them feel neglected. Dogs are social animals, so make sure to spend quality time with them every day. Take them for a walk or play with their favorite toy; it’s an excellent way to strengthen your bond.

Yelling and Scolding

Shouting at your dog when they’ve done something wrong is something they dislike. While it’s important to correct their behavior, shouting or using harsh words can make them anxious and fearful. Instead, use positive reinforcement by rewarding good behavior with treats or praise. It will make them more willing to learn and cooperate.

Dressing Them Up

Some people love to dress their dogs in cute outfits, but most dogs actually hate it. While it may look adorable, dogs often find clothing uncomfortable and restricting. Only dress them up if it’s necessary for their well-being, like in cold weather. Otherwise, let your furry friend enjoy the freedom of their natural coat.

Forcing Hugs and Kisses

Human affection is different from canine affection. While we might enjoy hugs and kisses, dogs may not feel the same way. They perceive a tight hug or a sudden kiss as a sign of dominance or aggression. Instead, show your love by gently petting and scratching them in their favorite spots, like behind the ears or on their belly.

Inconsistent Rules

Dogs need structure and consistency in their lives. When you keep changing the rules or allow them to do something one day and scold them for it the next, it confuses and frustrates them. Create clear boundaries and stick to them, so your dog knows what’s expected. This will help them feel secure and happy.

Teasing Them

Teasing your dog, even in a playful manner, is something they dislike. When you dangle a treat in front of their nose but don’t give it to them or play a game of “keep away” with their toys, it can be frustrating for them. Instead, engage in interactive play and reward them when they do well in a game. This way, you’ll both have fun without causing any stress.

Leaving Them Alone for Too Long

Dogs are social creatures and can suffer from separation anxiety. Leaving them alone for extended periods can make them feel isolated and unhappy. If you have to be away for a while, consider getting a dog walker or a pet sitter to keep them company. This will help ease their loneliness and ensure they remain mentally and emotionally balanced.


Understanding what our dogs secretly hate is crucial for building a strong and loving relationship with them. By avoiding these seven common behaviors, you can ensure that your furry companion is happy and content. Show them the love and respect they deserve, and you’ll have a loyal friend for life.

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