The Top 8 Huskie Breeds in the World

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a loyal and friendly canine companion, then Huskies should be at the top of your list! These incredible dogs are known for their striking appearance and energetic personalities. In this article, we’re going to explore the top 8 Huskie breeds in the world. We’ll break down their unique qualities in simple terms, so even if you’re new to the world of dogs, you’ll find this guide easy to understand.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is like the poster child of the Huskie family. They have stunning blue eyes and a thick coat that keeps them warm in cold climates. These dogs are friendly and make fantastic family pets. Their energy level is through the roof, so be prepared for lots of fun playtime.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes are big, strong Huskies with a heart of gold. They’re incredibly gentle and love to be around people. These pups are great for families and are known for their pulling abilities, making them perfect for sled racing.

Akita Husky Mix

The Akita Husky Mix is a blend of the Akita and the Siberian Husky. These dogs are courageous and make excellent guard dogs. They are protective of their families and have a striking appearance that combines the best of both breeds.

American Eskimo Husky

The American Eskimo Husky, often called “Eskies,” are incredibly smart and easy to train. They have a fluffy white coat that gives them a polar bear-like appearance. These dogs are playful, and their friendly nature makes them a joy to have around.

Border Collie Husky Mix

The Border Collie Husky Mix combines the intelligence of the Border Collie and the energy of the Husky. This blend results in a highly trainable and active dog. They excel in agility training and love to keep their minds busy.

Finnish Lapphund Husky

Finnish Lapphund Huskies are known for their excellent herding skills. They are wonderful companions for active families who enjoy the outdoors. These dogs are affectionate and can be a bit stubborn but respond well to patient training.

Shiba Inu Husky Mix

The Shiba Inu Husky Mix is a combination of the Shiba Inu and the Siberian Husky. These dogs are small to medium-sized and inherit the Husky’s independent nature. They are loyal and make great pets for those who appreciate a little aloofness.

Husky Wolf Mix

The Husky Wolf Mix, also known as the “Wolfdog,” combines the wild and untamed beauty of a wolf with the playful and loyal nature of a Husky. These dogs are not for everyone, as they require an experienced owner and a secure environment.


In this guide, we’ve taken a look at the top 8 Huskie breeds in the world. Each one has its unique qualities, from the striking Siberian Husky to the courageous Akita Husky Mix. No matter which breed you choose, you’ll be welcomed into a world of fun, loyalty, and adventure.

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