The Walking Dead’s Two Biggest Secrets Are Knowledgeable by Daryl Dixon

The two best-kept, lore-shattering secrets in the whole run of AMC’s The Walking Dead have now been revealed to Daryl Dixon’s title character. Despite the fact that Daryl Dixon’s trip to France was wholly unintentional, Norman Reedus’ tough hero learned a lot while there. He made friends with religious extremists, got himself an adopted kid, and watched reruns of Mork & Mindy. Even finding a new signature weapon to replace his crossbow, Daryl Dixon. But more important than all of that, Daryl has learned two crucial things that will alter the way he views the zombie apocalypse for good.

France is the most significant nation in the series, as stated in The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s ending. France is not the only country where the zombie outbreak is thought to have started; also, the region known for its “246 varieties of cheese” appears to have an equal number of zombie variations, including the deadly Burner zombies that Daryl faced in episode 1. Setting Daryl Dixon in France always seemed like a planned choice on the part of AMC due to the nation’s enormous narrative significance. That is demonstrated in Daryl Dixon episode number five, “Deux Amours,” which indicates Daryl is aware of two significant secrets he was previously unaware of.

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