The War Doctor’s name in current Doctor Who is meaningless

The War Doctor was saved at the end of the Time War, but Doctor Who has rendered their moniker worthless. When “The Day of the Doctor” provided a definitive resolution to the mysteries surrounding the events of the Time War, the War Doctor was first featured in the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who. Although Christopher Eccleston’s regeneration in New-Who is considered to be the 9th Doctor, the War Doctor is actually the 9th Doctor because of his hidden backstory. The 10th and 11th regenerations of David Tennant and Matt Smith, respectively, recalled their time as the War Doctor with great shame throughout “The Day of the Doctor,” doing everything in their power to conceal their past.

The War Doctor disavowed the name of the Doctor, believing themselves unworthy to represent it because of the alleged genocide they are accused of committing during the Time War. Eccleston’s incarnation was renamed the 9th Doctor after the Doctor’s name was revoked, and the War Doctor was instead known to as the War Doctor, Doctor of War, the Warrior, and the Renegade. The War Doctor may not have a title for simply this reason—the Doctor may be ashamed of this version of themselves—and it may not be fully fair to reject the War Doctor in this manner.

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